Daily Drool #8 Monday September 29th, 2008

29 09 2008

Does anyone know who this guy is?


Daily Drool #7 Sunday September 28th, 2008

28 09 2008

How about a Sunday at the lake with this guy huh!!

Daily Drool #6 Saturday September 27th, 2008

27 09 2008

I have to go take a cold shower now.

Hot Pro Volleyball Player Sean Scott

27 09 2008

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know who Sean Scott is. I didn’t know who he was until just a short while ago myself. Sean Scott, known for his rock hard abs, is one of the biggest stars and best players on the AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour. Maybe I should start paying more attention to the volleyball sports. If the male volleyball players all look like this then it could become my favorite sport haha. Check out the video below of this hot dude in action…

Daily Drool #5 Thursday September 25th, 2008

25 09 2008

I absolutely love seeing a hot guy wearing a tank top, also known as the wife beater shirt. A man has to have a certain degree of good shape in order to look good in these shirts otherwise he just looks flat out retarded. Here is one guy I wouldn’t mind taking a walk through the park with. I’ll use my favorite phrase for this post….. it’s the one I yell out every time I see a hot dude….. “dayum daddy!”.

Olympic Swimmer Michael Phelps

25 09 2008

Eight time gold medal winner, Michael Phelps. You can look all over the internet and find literally thousands of hot pictures of this guy. He is so amazing and I wish I could have watched him win these medals. Unfortunately I missed it on television but there’s no way I could miss posting some pictures of him on this blog. I’ll be back another time with some even more hot photos of this sexy swimmer.

Daily Drool #4 Wednesday September 24th, 2008

24 09 2008

Here is my boyfriend for today. I’ll be back with more pics from the vault later this evening. I’m going to the lake to enjoy this beautiful fall season weather we are having today. Later!!

Update 09/29/08: I just learned this guy’s name is Jeremy Walker. I’ll find more pic’s to post of him later.