OrlandoJok @ DudesNude

20 09 2008

One of my favorite hangout spots on the web is the DudesNude website. For those who don’t know, it is a website for men only to post their profiles and pictures so they can meet or chat with other men. I don’t have a profile there myself because I don’t consider myself to be hot enough to mingle among the masses of studs in that circle but I sure spend a lot of time lurking… HAHA!! I found this guy over there and well I think he is one of the hottest men on this planet so I have to add him to this blog. I also added him to my “definite boyfriend material” category which obviously means I’d go out on a date with him any time. He is also in my “perfect body men” category because to me he has a perfect body. You know what…….. this picture makes me wonder what the fuck did I see in my last boyfriend LOL.